Fidget Cushion - Heather

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Fidget Cushion - Heather

Crafted comfort for people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer disease.

 Fidget Cushion

~ Heather ~

This is a 14" cushion with fiddle items attached. It is soft and comfortable to hold and squeeze and fiddle with. It has cheerful and calming colours that will enhance any chair or bed when not in use!

Included on cushion is a wooden ring, a zip and photo , printed on to cotton, of a mountain sheep. The colours used are those reminiscent of early spring when the heather comes into bloom and the hillside is covered in various shades of purple. The fidget items are a wooden ring attached with ribbon and a zip. The cushion is of a size that can be comfortably held and squeezed while using zip or twiddling the ring. When not in use this cushion adds to the decor and provides a point of conversation and communication.The final square is 'minky dot' fabric which has a raised and soft texture.

As loved ones’ age, it becomes increasingly important that they live in the present, in a way that preserves the essence of who they are. Providing elders with comfort, warmth and activity improves quality of life and helps them to relax and enjoy treasured memories of a life lived to the fullest. 

These fidget cushions may not be suitable for all persons affected by dementia. They are designed to be a point of contact with others stimulating memory and  conversation and to provide familiar items to fidget with thus occupying restless hands. Each fidget item is attached with at least 3 layers of stitching and will withstand ‘normal’ levels of pulling. These cushions should be placed in a pillowcase for washing on a delicate cycle.

These cushions can be personalized using persons own photos which I scan and print on cotton. ( Custom orders may take one week to complete)

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