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About Us

The Roots of The Owl Tree


The Owl Tree is located along the world famous, Wild Atlantic Way in the beautiful west of Ireland.

The seed for The Owl Tree was ‘sewn’ in Ireland more than 100 years ago, and endured through the swirling mists of the Celtic Twilight era. The roots stretch back to The Dun Emer Guild, which was established in 1902 in Dublin, by Evelyn Gleeson and Augustine Henry, the renowned botanist.  W.B.Yeats’s sisters, Lilly and Elizabeth later joined the guild.  My mum, a cousin of Evelyn Gleeson’s, learned the delicate art of Celtic embroidery and the skills of colour shading with Evelyn Gleeson in The Dun Emer Guild.

As a young child I helped design and make all sorts of exciting clothes and toys from small pieces of coloured fabric and yarns. This magic of creating toys and cherished belongings from scraps of fabric lives on. These treasures, which are beloved in many children’s nurseries, are what memories are made of. The skill's learned so long ago live on as my daughter, Emer, has joined The Owl Tree and brought a modern twist to it!

Around the base of The Owl Tree in Connemara tiny wild flowers have grown. The flowers have been carefully picked, pressed and used to create cards, which are unique and convey thoughtful sentiments suitable for most occasions. What is more simple, honest and heartfelt than a wild flower?

From the seed ‘sewn’ so many years ago, The Owl Tree has blossomed, and now makes it’s unique treasures available to others who wish to create memories and magic of their own. The products crafted in the Owl Tree are designed and individually handmade in Galway, Ireland along the world famous Wild Atlantic Way.


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